Video Sermons

It's Only Temporary

What's the Condition of Your Heart?

Temperance Sets You Apart

Faith Sets You Apart

Why Baptize in the Name of the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost?

Longsuffering Sets You Apart

Joy Sets You Apart

Are You Comfortable?

And Then

The Tomb of Jesus

Something's Missing

Did God Visit You?

Profess Like a Prophet

All That He Pleases

The 4 P's of the Faithful

The Incarnation of Christ



A Time for Thankfulness

Commitment through Christian Conduct

Are You Looking for Jesus?

Lord, I Need a Blessing

Love Sets You Apart

Meekness Sets You Apart

Being a Christian Citizen Sets You Apart

Gentleness Sets You Apart

Peace Sets You Apart

Love Sets You Apart

A Mother's Impact

The Triumph of Jesus

The Trial of Jesus

The Gift of Giving

Needing Something New

Judgement Call

The Lord Said Woe

It is OK to Ask Why



Christ Conquers Crumbling Currency

Who will dwell in the House of the Lord?

How to Glorify God

Are You Putting Your Faith Into Action?

Does God Hear Your Prayers?

The Greatest Testimony Ever Given

What Can Faith Do?

Love, God's Way

Adopted Into God's Family

The Christian's Advocate

Are You Without Sin?

Stand Out

He Set Me Free

God's Outline For a Peaceful Home

Christmas in July

Daily Service to God

The Anatomy of a Deeper Faith

Christianity & Sacrifice are Synonymous

A Glimpse of Jesus

Are You Sure Jesus Did It This Way?